Frequently Asked Questions


  • Where can I find used cars?

    Currently, used cars are not available.

  • How can I get car brochures?

    Car brochures are downloadable on the relevant car details page.

  • How would I know the technical specifications of my car?

    You can check our online page of relevant cars where you can find the technical specifications.

  • Are the purchased cars covered under warranty?

    Cars sold through the website carry an official warranty of manufacturers

  • Is VAS free?

    Certain VAS are free whereas others may be charged. For details, please click at the desired options when you select the car for purchase.

  • Is my vehicle warranty transferable between owners?

    Yes. However, the tenure of warranty will not change.

  • Does AlEktiar provide Value added services?

    Yes. We provide many Value Added Services for our customers to make their ride more worthy after the purchase. These are available while selecting a car for purchase.

  • What are insurance options?

    Insurance makes sure your car is covered in case of any mishaps. Options are available at the time of purchase.

  • What is Roadside Assistance?

    Road service makes sure your car is served when it is broken down anywhere in KSA. For Roadside Assistance, please contact:

    Morni – 920003922 for Hyundai & Geely
    Mid – 920003922 for Changan & KIA

  • What is a Wishlist?

    Wishlist is the car that you can select for future purchase.

  • Can I get a quote ?

    Request for Quote form is available at the car details page, for those who wish to buy more than 1 car.