Frequently Asked Questions

About Us

  • Please tell me about AlEktiar?

    AlEktiar only sells cars imported by authorized distributors in KSA.

  • Are products of AlEktiar genuine?

    Yes. All vehicles are products of OEM and are covered under standard warranty by the manufacturers.

  • How can I contact customer service?

    You can contact the Customer Service at the following number:


  • Where is the AlEktiar showroom located?

    It is located at the following address:

    Exit-5, Northern Ring Branch road, Al Muruj, Riyadh 12283

  • Which brands are sold by AlEktiar?

    Currently, vehicles from Hyundai and Geely are sold by AlEktiar. We plan to include more brands in the future.

  • I would like AlEktiar to grant me permission to use an image from the site and let me link from my site to AlEktiar. What should I do?

    Unfortunately, we cannot allow images from the website to be posted on other sites.

  • Why should I buy from AlEktiar?

    We offer genuine vehicles at highly competitive pricing with other benefits.