About Us

  • Please tell me about AlEktiar?

    AlEktiar only sells cars imported by authorized distributors in KSA.

  • Are products of AlEktiar genuine?

    Yes. All vehicles are products of OEM and are covered under standard warranty by the manufacturers.

  • How can I contact customer service?

    You can contact the Customer Service at the following number:


  • Where is the AlEktiar showroom located?

    It is located at the following address:

    Exit-5, Northern Ring Branch road, Al Muruj, Riyadh 12283

  • Which brands are sold by AlEktiar?

    Currently, vehicles from Hyundai and Geely are sold by AlEktiar. We plan to include more brands in the future.


  • How would I know about current promotions?

    Current promotions are available under the section of “Special Offers” on the home page.

  • What is a promo?

    Promos are Special Offers by Al-Ektiar having benefits for customers. Promos are subject to change with time. Please visit the special offer section on the homepage for the current promos.

  • Can I avail discount after I purchase the car?

    Discounts can be availed at the time of purchasing.

  • Do I have to register on the website to get a promotion?

    Promos are part of the Car purchase process and Registration is necessary for this process.


  • How do I Create an account?

    Click on the “log-in” icon shown at the top right corner. Then click sign up.

  • Why I am unable to login into my account?

    If the error shows the wrong password, then you have forgotten your password. You need to click “Forgot password” and follow the given steps.

  • Where can I register my mobile number?

    It is registered under “My Account”, please login into your account and add your mobile number.

  • Does this site use cookies?

    Yes, our site uses the cookies for better customer service.

  • What happen to my personal information?

    We recognize and appreciate the importance of responsible use of information collected on our site. We will only use this information to contact you regarding any requests/bookings/marketing purposes.


  • Where can I find used cars?

    Currently, used cars are not available.

  • How can I get car brochures?

    Car brochures are downloadable on the relevant car details page.

  • How would I know the technical specifications of my car?

    You can check our online page of relevant cars where you can find the technical specifications.

  • Are the purchased cars covered under warranty?

    Cars sold through the website carry an official warranty of manufacturers

  • Is VAS free?

    Certain VAS are free whereas others may be charged. For details, please click at the desired options when you select the car for purchase.

Car Delivery

  • I have been told that my new car delivery has been delayed. What can I do?

    Although we take all necessary steps for in-time delivery of cars. However, in some unforeseeable circumstances it may get delayed. Our team provides updated information to our clients.

  • When will my car be delivered?

    Within 7 working days after assuring insurance.

  • What is the car delivery option?

    When you purchase a car, you can have an option to deliver the car to your door steps or you can collect from the showroom.

  • Can I track my order?

    Yes, you can track your order by logging on to your account and clicking “View Order” against the relevant order.

  • Does COVID-19 cause delay in car delivery?

    We are putting in our best efforts to deliver the ordered products within the given time. However, in some unavoidable circumstances, the delivery may be delayed.

Car Purchase and Booking

  • What documentation I need to bring in at the time of car collection?

    While collecting car, you need to bring in your ID/Iqama with you.

  • How can my car be registered?

    Registration is done using the documents submitted by you while placing an order.

  • What are the payment options available?

    We provide multiple payment options including full payment, split payment and financing.

  • Which cards can be used for making payment?

    You can pay by Credit Cards as well as MADA Cards.

  • What is split payment?

    You can reserve your car with split payment and in three-days time, you can pay the balance amount.

After Sales

  • How can I claim insurance?

    Call your respective insurance agency for more details. Inn case of accident or damage to vehicle kindly call NAJAM on 920000560

  • How can I claim warranty?

    Warranty can be claimed from our partners:

    1. Hyundai: 9200 09884
    2. Geely: 9200 00525

  • How can I use Road Assistance service?

    For Roadside Assistance contact Morni – 920003922

  • Do I get roadside assistance?

    Yes, our vehicles are provided with RoadSide Assistance from the date you take delivery of the vehicle.

    Morni – 920003922 for Hyundai & Geely
    Mid – 920003922 for Changan & KIA